A Letter From Pastor Robb Lentz – May 27, 2014

My family and I have been praying a lot about our next steps, and we feel like it makes sense financially to move to a more affordable place. This summer, we’ll be moving back to Las Vegas. Because we’ve gotten to know you it’s bittersweet; this church has been a HUGE blessing to me and my family.

We’ve been in this church for almost 5 years, and in that time, I’ve gotten to serve alongside some of the finest people I’ve ever served with. We will miss you all and we will miss this place.

Why are we moving? As our kids are getting older, and within 2 years of starting high school, we wanted to try and make sure we could stay in one place, one school, and not have to move during that critical time. A lower cost of living enables us to purchase a home sooner and work toward that end. I love the Bay Area, but the rent is just too high!

When is this happening? Ashley and the kids will be moving in mid-June, and I’ll be working with Pastor Dave, the elder board, and the worship ministry to find the next person for this role. I’m really looking forward to entering this process; it seems like God is up to some really cool things, and I know that will continue into this next season. I will be functioning in the same capacity as always, until we are ready to “pass the baton” or at the latest, the end of the summer.

I will continue to pray for this worship ministry. You all have meant so much to us. Thank you for letting us be a part of this great family.

Robb Lentz

Pastor of Worship
Direct: (415) 680-4565
Office: (650) 948-5698


A Response From Pastor Dave Gudgel

To our BCC Family,

I am going to miss Robb and his faithful and impactful ministry. The fact is, while I support his decision and wish him the best, I really wish he was staying. I have no doubt you share the same sentiment. God blessed our lives and the ministry at Bridges through Robb’s person and giftedness. I do hope you will join with us as staff and leaders in expressing your thanks to Robb and his family for their five years of ministry among us. God has used Robb in significant ways. He will definitely be missed.

Before Robb’s family moves back to Las Vegas, we want to come together to express our thanks. Please plan to join us for a Chipotle catered lunch on Sunday, June 8, after our second worship service. it will be a wonderful way to show the Lentz family our love and gratitude.

And over the summer months, as Robb continues to minister among us, two searches will be taking place: Robb will be seeking his next place of ministry in the Las Vegas area, while we look for the person the Lord has for us as we build on the good work Robb leaves behind. Please do keep both searches in your prayers.

The Lord is working. it will be exciting to see how He leads.

With a heart of thanks,

Pastor Dave