Al Kruger

Elder, Head of Elder Search Team

Al grew up in a home in NY that acknowledged the need for church but missed a personal encounter with God. Throughout his childhood, church was more of social place which allowed him to be active in choirs and drama events. College at a “church-related” school in Ohio and three years in the Army following college only continued this pattern. But a job in the Bay Area after the Army years led Al to a sales job where he providential met two men from FBCLA, one of whom would mentor Al in the business while asking about his interests and background. Those conversations included asking Al about his faith experience and led to an invitation to join the choir here at FBCLA. A year later, in 1975, through the influence of many people, much music, Godly preaching and the prayers of many who sensed Al’s need, he finally surrendered to the call of the Gospel to acknowledge his sin and his need for the One who died for us all. During that process, Al met Teri through the choir, was baptized in ’75, and was married in ’76. They have two adult children, David, who lives in Seattle and Julie, who lives in SF with her husband Dustin.

For over four decades Al has enjoyed being part of our music ministry, has taught both teens and adult SS classes, and leads the Alpha Kara life group. He enjoys being part of Les Schneider’s team for children’s music doing admin tasks and occasionally appearing in their musicals. He served on several deacon boards in the 90s and as an elder here about 8 years ago. As a current deacon he schedules communion servers and assists when needed in other areas of worship. Outside of church he’s one of several of our members who are part of the Salvation Army Sunnyvale advisory board.

To contact Al please email Liliya in the Bridges office at