Marian Seah

Deaconess, Baptism

Marian married Paul 23 years ago and, after the wedding, moved from Southern California to the Bay Area with only one suitcase and a passport. She left the church she grew up at and served in Monterey Park and embraced new churches like PBC and BCC. Then she found her new roots while attending BCC, working in the Family Court in Santa Clara, and having her private practice in Palo Alto. As the family grew from one kid to two, Marian scaled back to just having her private practice as a psychologist.

In between work and raising two girls, she fell in love with Taiko. You might catch a glimpse of her performing the taiko drums in festivals sometimes. Most recently another deaconess, Lisa Shea, introduced Marian and Paul to pickleball, so now there are two more sets of couples joining this fast-growing sport in the US!