Still More to Come… After the Flood

On Sunday morning, Nov. 2, we took some time during both worship services to update the congregation on the status of the Worship Center after the flood. Our field trip to the building included the following information:

  • – Over the three months since the flood, remediation work has been done on the damage. Plans are being made for both repairs and remodeling. We hope to begin all of that as soon as possible.
  • – Our first priority, Phase #1, will be to repair/remodel the restrooms, lobby, and old library (which will be partially used for expanding the restrooms and the remainder will be a resource/storage room). We estimate the cost of this phase to be $400,000. We already have $350,000 from your previous More to Come gifts, and the money that we will be receiving from the insurance company should cover the rest of the cost of this phase. So we will get started on this as soon as all the permits, etc. are in order.
  • – In addition, repair/remodel work needs to be done in the Worship Center and the Chapel. These areas will not be covered in Phase #1. In order to complete all of this other work, plus remodeling the exterior building projects, we will need an additional $1.5 million. How far we will be able to go with these additional phases will depend on how much is pledged/given to Still More to Come.


We are asking you to let us know, if possible, how much you believe you will be able to give toward Still More to Come, so we can plan accordingly. There are brochures (with more details and pictures) and pledge cards available at the Connections Table on Sunday mornings and in the church office. There will also be a box on the Connections Table for you to return the pledge cards. We would like to have these cards turned in by Thanksgiving if possible.

Please make this a matter of prayer as you consider what part the Lord would have you take in above-and-beyond gifts to Still More to Come.