Still More To Come

Two weeks ago at our Annual Celebration we announced the exciting plan to immediately move forward with our More to Come Worship Center improvement plans. In the aftermath of the “flood,” we faced a repair or remodel decision. Since most of the water damage is in areas we had already planned to remodel in More to Come, we believe it makes financial sense to move forward now with our remodel plans. How far these improvement projects will go at this point will depend on how much money we can raise, since we are committed to not going into debt.

We currently have around $325,000 in the account for our More To Come remodel projects. This amount, when combined with our flood damage insurance payout, will bring our More to Come balance to approximately $400,000. That should make it possible for us to complete the first priority of the projects which includes the lobby restrooms, prayer room, ushers room and resource room.

In addition to the first priority, our other More to Come projects also include remodeling our lobby, turning our Chapel into a multi-use room, enlarging and remodeling our stage, updating stage lighting, plus modernizing our exterior façade and improving our patio gathering areas. These additional phases, along with our commitment to give 10% of the gifts given to missions, will add $1.3 – 1.5 million to the $400,000 initial phase cost.

Over the next month we will be working with our professional design team to finalize our updated More to Come remodel plans. We hope to share these with you on Sunday, November 2.

Between now and then, we’d ask for your prayers. As we believe the Lord’s hand is at work in our midst, even in our mini flood, we are seeking His leading and financial blessing for the projects that are ahead. As you can guess, we’d love to have the money to do all these projects as soon as possible.

We thank God for your support and commitment to the work God is doing at Bridges Community Church. Your gifts in the past, and support in the present, is making a significant difference in our ministries and their life-changing impact on others.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if between now and Easter the above projects were funded and completed and we were back in the Worship Center? What an incredible celebration that would be!