When We Can

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Patio Project

The Patio Project is complete! We are so thankful for a wonderful new expanded patio in front of the Worship Center with new trees, shrubs, and plants!

The Student Ministries Center has two new sets of doors leading out to the patio.


Our Next Project

The next project we would like to focus on, when we can, is the remodeling of two rooms on the north side of the Worship Center. This includes the Green Room (which currently has an asbestos problem), where our worship teams practice and prepare for our worship services. Once completed, these rooms will be a welcoming space for a variety of ministry groups. While cost estimates are currently being gathered for this project, we are receiving donations that we hope will make this project possible in the next month or two. To give right now, click here.

Additional Projects Awaiting Donations

Everyone has a wish list and we have ours. Especially as it concerns improving our facilities and ministries. Lord willing, after the above projects are completed, we hope to fund through When We Can:

1. Exterior improvements on our Worship Center building
2. Replacing carpet and flooring in several rooms on our campus

10% of all Gifts Given are Donated to Global Mission Needs

You Can Help Meet a Need!

As God blesses you, please make When We Can a part of your joyful and sacrificial giving. Lord willing, we will soon be able to fund these projects and others that may come our way in the near future.

We’d love to have you give to When We Can, but please do not divert money from your normal giving to our General Fund. If that occurs, we won’t be able to fund our normal ministries.