God calls parents to be the primary faith trainers of their children.  Of all the things that are important for you to do as a parent, introducing your children to the God of the Bible and teaching them to love the Lord with all of their heart, soul, and strength is the single most important task of a mom or dad.  Therefore, our desire as a church is to partner with you in this endeavor from the very beginning.

Please contact Kathy Spillar if you would like to have your child(ren) dedicated.  

The Process

Dedicating your child to the Lord is more than just an event.  It is time of great celebration as you make an intentional commitment to be the parent God called you to be.  That’s why all parents who wish to participate in an upcoming Child Dedication Ceremony are required to attend an orientation meeting that:

  • Explains what child dedication is and is not
  • Helps you to consider practical ways you can be the primary faith trainer in your home
  • Allows us as a church to know how we can best support and encourage you as a parent

Unless you are a single parent, it is important that both parents attend this required meeting.

The Ceremony

Children and their immediate and extended family members will be presented during one of our worship services.  A photo of your child will be shown on the large screens in the Worship Center when his or her name is announced, along with a Scripture passage you as parents will select beforehand.  The church body as a whole will then be asked to commit to partner with you in the faith development of your child, which will be symbolized by a corporate prayer of dedication.

Child Dedication