Welcome to the online message archive of Bridges Community Church, where you can watch or hear one of our pastors explore what the Bible says about a wide variety of topics and how it applies to us today.

Our message archive dates all the way back to New Year’s Day 2013 and serves as a repository of wisdom, inspiration, and guidance. With each message, we embark on a journey of discovery, seeking to unpack the profound truths of the Gospel and apply them to our daily experiences.

If you have any questions after listening to one of our messages, we want to hear it! You can ask a question or see our pastors answer past sermon questions HERE.

Originally founded in 1940, Bridges thrives as a vibrant mosaic of nationalities, ages, backgrounds, and occupations, all united by our common faith in Christ. Beyond mere knowledge, our vision encompasses a heartfelt commitment to service and community. We believe that people matter, and as such, we are dedicated to serving both our congregation and the broader community with love, compassion, and grace. Through outreach programs, charitable initiatives, and acts of kindness, we strive to be a beacon of hope and healing in a world hungry for both.

We embrace the Gospel as our only hope—the cornerstone upon which our faith rests and the source of our enduring anticipation that God has a purpose for everything. In a world marked by uncertainty and division, the message of God’s love and redemption shines brightly, offering solace to the weary and direction to the lost.

Whether you’re a longtime member of our Bridges family or a curious seeker exploring the depths of faith, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and transformation. Together, let’s explore the riches of God’s Word, serve our community with joy and humility, and embrace the hope that only the Gospel can provide.

Welcome to Bridges Community Church—where people matter, truth matters, and the Gospel is our only hope.

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