As we move through life’s milestones and curveballs, we are on a perpetual journey from mountaintop highs to valley lows and everything in between. Even during those steady plateau phases, life is easier with company.

Our careers change, our families change, our desires change, and what we contribute to the lives of others–that changes, too. Throughout our lifelong times of transition, one thing is true: God is constant, and He is always by our side.

Throughout the week, we offer various Men’s Bible studiesWomen’s Bible studies, and other groups.

Throughout the year, we offer special events, educational seminars, family activities, and seasons of grief recovery groups.

It is our goal to encourage environments where each of these twists and turns in the road can be worked out in Christ-centered community, side by side with others who will rejoice with and support one another along the way.

On Sunday mornings, we offer BCC Groups where people just like you come together each week in a relaxed setting to share their lives, their insights into the Bible, and their gifts and talents for serving Jesus Christ.