How is “all church focus” chosen?

Hey, thanks again for sending in questions related to our recent sermons or just your questions about God or the Bible or Christianity in general. As you probably know, we just concluded our six week series entitled The Blessing of Church why it’s amazing for all of us to be physically present with one another at church. And so the question comes in asking a very general question how do we pick the topic for our six week series, which we do about once a year? This all church focus, where does that come from? How do we decide what it’s going to be?

And so it’s been a conversation among our staff involving our elders of really, what does our church need? What is an area of focus that we really need to highlight for a short period of time and in this instance, still coming out of the pandemic, getting back to normal, so to speak. We know that people have over years of pandemic, got into other routines besides coming to church, and then when coming to church, besides really being involved in a group and volunteering. And so we, through prayer and conversation, decided, hey, this is something that we need to remind ourselves of. It really is amazing for us to be together and church really is a blessing, it is a gift.

Being here, being involved in each other’s lives, volunteering, serving physically present for music and face to face with one another is tremendously, wonderful. And we pray that it is useful in all of our lives for us to kind of remember what we lost for a period of time. So thanks for the question and hey, we’ll have another six week study next year and so if God is pricking your heart on, hey, the church really should be focusing on this. So do into us doesn’t mean that we would end up doing it. But the more that we hear from you, the more we can have a better window into what is happening in your lives and in the lives, in the life of our church in general.

So thanks for the question and we hope you’ll join us this Sunday as we start a brand new series in the Book of Mark. Thanks again and see you then.