How To Love God’s Word More

Well, hey, thanks again for sending in your questions regarding our sermons. The question this week has to do with our sermon around Psalm 119, which was all about falling in love with God’s Word, applying it to our lives, but realizing we fall short of God’s Word and trusting in Jesus to fulfill God’s Word for us. The question is that the psalmist really seems totally infatuated with God’s Word. He’s all excited about it. I even said in my sermon, he seems like a lovesick teenager about God’s Word and following it and meditating on it.

And so the question is, if I don’t currently feel that way, how can I get there? And even as Christians, sometimes we kind of come in and out of this, right? We have seasons where we’re all excited to wake up and study God’s Word, and then there’s other seasons in our life where we’re like, I don’t have any energy to read God’s Word at all, and I haven’t looked at it in weeks and I don’t really feel like picking it up again. So if I’m in a season of I don’t really even feel like picking it up, what am I supposed to do about that? And I think the answer is very simple, yet sometimes it’s hard for us to remember to do and it is definitely in the text.

The very simple answer is to pray. Just ask God to give you an excitement about His Word. And if you’re in a stage where you don’t even want to have excitement, right, you’re like, I don’t even want to pray that I’m so not excited that I don’t even want to ask for excitement, right? Then pray that say, God, I pray that you would want me to want to study Your Word. And however far back you need to pray in order for it to be honest, just start there.

Say, I want you to help me to want to want to, want to want to follow Your Word, or to be excited about Your Word. Wherever you really are. Talk to God about where you really are and just ask Him for the next step. I’ve found so many times when I’m sitting down to study the Bible to have my time with God, if I will just simply pray, Lord, help me find life in these words. May it be thrilling to me, may I see something that I haven’t seen before, may it help me love you in a way that I haven’t loved you before.

Very often when I pray that there is something that is illuminated in the text and I find a deepness with God that I didn’t have before, just sitting down to read my Bible. So that’s a very simple answer. If you’re not currently feeling like the psalmist was feeling, he’s talking about God’s Word, just ask God, say, please help me to feel this way about Your Word, because I know it really is that exciting. That riveting. That thrilling.

That life giving. Well, hey, thanks again for sending in your questions and we will see you next week. Bye.