How To Regain Saltiness

Hey, thanks again for sending in your questions related to our recent sermons. As you know, we’ve been going through the Sermon on the Mount, and this last week we talked about Jesus telling his followers they are the salt and light of the world, but to watch out that our salt doesn’t lose its saltiness and that our light is not hidden. So the question this week comes in asking, what if I think I have lost my saltiness? Or what if I am hiding my light? Like, how do I get that back?

One of the things Jesus says in his warning is, what good is salt if it loses its saltiness? It’s only good to be thrown out in the street and trampled by men. And so how can I get it back if I’ve lost it? The first thing I’d say is hopefully an encouragement to you that you care about this. Not everybody would give it a second thought if they’d lost their saltiness.

They would say, oh, well. Or if they just hear, hey, we’re supposed to be the salt of the earth and light of the world, they’d say, well, that’s interesting, but I have more important things to be focusing on right now. And so if you are somebody who’s really concerned about the level of your saltiness, I’d first say, that’s amazing, and you should praise God for that, because you have this desire in your heart to make the world enjoyable and livable and point the world to God. Bring glory to God. We said that was the role of salt and light or the goal of it, and so you have that desire in you, and we should praise God for that.

But secondly, it’s something that we really should take serious. This is our mission in the world, and so if we aren’t doing it, it’s not just congratulate ourselves for wanting to do it. We have to actually go out and do it. And so I would encourage you to pray about God. What is it that you would have me do today?

What is it that you would have me do this week that I can represent you well, that I can bring glory to you well? I would spend some time not only in those few verses that talk about salt and light, verse 13 through 16 of Matthew, chapter five, but I’d read the whole Sermon on the Mount, read it several times. Matthew, chapter five, six and seven. Listen to what Jesus was teaching in those moments, and ask God to convict you, bring you in line with his will for you through all of those chapters. Let God speak to you about what is next, and then pray for the courage and the opportunity to act, maybe bring some other people into it as well.

Say, hey, God’s convicted me on these points that I’ve read about in the Sermon on the Mount, and I’ve prayed for courage to act on them. And so now I want you guys to pray for me as well. Hold me accountable to following along this path. And we look forward. Maybe you can write back in and let us know how all that goes.

We look forward to hearing how God uses you in the world to accomplish his purposes and make this place as enjoyable and as livable as it can be. Well, hey, thanks again for sending in a question. We hope it was helpful, and we will see you next time. Bye.