Moving on from Jesus?

Hey, thanks again for sending in your questions related to our recent sermons. As you know, we’re in we’re well into a series entitled Jesus in Every Genre, in which we’re looking at really all the different sections or genres of the Old Testament and showing how all of it is really ultimately about Jesus or points to Jesus illuminates Jesus, foreshadows Jesus, specifically prophesies Jesus, sets up a need for Jesus. It’s promise fulfillment, Old Testament genre, New Testament fulfillment in Christ. So a question comes in this week, which many people have, especially if you come from a more pentecostal or charismatic background, is kind of, what about the Spirit? Or doesn’t Jesus get us into salvation?

And then after that, really, we kind of move on from Jesus and we get to be working with the Holy Spirit from then on.

We’ve passed Bible 101, Jesus, and now we’re on to Bible 201, which is Holy Spirit. And the response is really kind of yes and no. We have access to the Holy Spirit in a way that we never had before crucifixion resurrection, before pentecost, Holy Spirit came, has indwelled us permanently as believers, has sealed us for salvation, as the promise of what is to come. It’s how we know that we’re really with God. And so all of that wasn’t possible until crucifixion resurrection, coming of the Spirit.

And the Spirit is going to lead us in a way as Jesus says he sent the comforter, the counselor in hallelujah for the Spirit. We wouldn’t be able to do this Christian life without Him. But at the same time, what the Spirit does is what we go back to. John 14 jesus says, I’m going to send the Spirit, I’m going to send the comforter, the counselor, and he will remind you everything I have taught you. So it’s not a moving on from Jesus.

The spirit brings us to Jesus. John 16 jesus says, the Spirit is going to take what’s mine and give it to you. Or the Spirit convicts the world in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment, right? It’s bringing us to Jesus so we can have righteousness in Him. It’s never a moving on from Jesus.

It’s an enabling us to follow everything Jesus has taught us. It’s reminding us everything Jesus has taught us. It’s taking what is Jesus’s and giving it to us. And so there’s no Bible 2.0 or Bible class two, two, one. Spirit’s job is to bring us to Jesus.

His job is to glorify Jesus. We don’t want to forget the Father either. And throughout this series, we’ll certainly mention how all the Trinity is involved in every action of God. But that wasn’t the question for this week. We’re only talking about the Spirit as a small preview.

I mean, you just think about the incarnation. You’re like that’s? Just jesus. No. The father sent the son.

Son was conceived by the Holy Spirit, right? Even in the incarnation, it’s not just Jesus. It’s all of the Trinity, all the time. Okay, that’s just a small preview, but in every work of God, it’s the whole Trinity. But the Spirit’s job is not to move us on past Jesus into some new kind of experience of God.

The Spirit’s job is to get us to Jesus, to remind us everything Jesus has taught us, to take from what is Jesus’s, to give it to us, and to enable us to follow enable us to follow Him, enable us to follow everything he taught us. So there you go. No moving on. No graduating from Jesus and moving on to the Spirit. So thanks for sending that in.

We appreciate the question, and we’ll see you next time. Please.