February 4 – March 15

For forty days, we as an entire church – from preschool to adults – are focusing on unity within the Body of Christ. Whether you are a regular attender at Bridges or brand new, we would love to have you join us.

PDF 40-Day Devotional Downloads with fillable boxes:

Week One:  God’s desire for His church to be one

Week Two:  Putting others before ourselves

Week Three:  Living at peace with others

Week Four:  Forgiving those who hurt us

Week Five:  Unity in essentials, diversity in the rest

Week Six:  Trusting the Holy Spirit’s work in us

PDF Family Devotions with fillable boxes

Perfectly One – Teaching videos for use with Discussion Groups (Life Groups, Small Groups, etc.)

In order to get the most out of this study, we encourage you to participate in the following four ways:

1 – Pray for life-change

Ask God to help you grow in your understanding of what it means to be one with other believers and how it impacts your daily life.

2 – Hear the sermons

Beginning February 4, our pastors will be teaching on unity in the Body of Christ in our Sunday morning services. Be there!

3 – Participate in a discussion group

Join one of the groups listed below or start your own group with some friends. Groups meet once a week during the 40 days of our Perfectly One study.

4 – Use the daily devotions

Spend time alone with the Lord focusing on unity within the Body of Christ, by using the 40 Personal Devotions found in the Study Guide.

Study Guides are available on Sunday mornings in the worship center lobby or in the church office during the week. They are also available on Amazon – but they’re cheaper at church! The study guide includes group notes and discussion questions, 40-Days of Personal Devotions, and six weekly Devotions for Families.

PERFECTLY ONE Discussion Groups

You are welcome to participate in any of the following groups, which will each be hosting a weekly Perfectly One teaching DVD followed by a group discussion for the six weeks of this study.

Sunday Mornings

All Life Groups 

Student Ministries – Middle School and High School

Children’s Ministries – Preschool and Elementary (2nd hour only)

Sunday Evenings

College Connect will be hosting a discussion group at 8:00 pm in the Student Ministry Center.

Wednesday Evenings

Fusion – Our midweek all-church gathering begins with a 6:00pm dinner. After dinner, Pastor Dave will host a Perfectly One Discussion Group from 7:00 – 8:00 pm in his office. Childcare will be available.

YoPros – Our Young Adult Ministry will host discussion groups in two locations. For more info, contact Dan.Stockum@connectbcc.org.

Other Times and Locations

A variety of other Discussion Groups will be meeting both at the church and in homes throughout the Silicon Valley. For more info about these groups, contact Evelyn.Sigg@connectbcc.org.