Mel Rosowski

Elder Vice-Chair, Missions

Mel joined our church in 1970 a year after meeting his wife, Robbi, in Germany where she was teaching on a military base and Mel was employed as a field engineer in defense work. Soon after coming to (then) FBCLA, Mel was asked by Jeannie Stenfort to teach third grade Sunday School, thus beginning three decades of ministry to children. A missions trip to Brazil in 1991 gave Mel an abiding desire to serve overseas, which motivated his participation on many trips to both Brazil and Guatemala led by our missionaries, Ken Flurry and Steve Reed. Mel continues to serve on the advisory board of Restoration Ministries in Sao Paolo, Brazil supported by World Venture and founded by Paulo and Ireni Mota.

Mel has 50 years’ experience designing electronics warfare systems for the US Air Force and has fielded shipboard jamming systems in Pakistan, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and South Korea. Both he and Robbi are looking forward to his retirement in January of 2017 after 2,000,000 plus miles of international travel.

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