Was Jesus The Loneliest?

Hey, thanks again for sending in questions regarding our recent sermons. The one this week has to do with Jesus loneliness. I said in the sermon that really Jesus ended up having a loneliness that exceeds anything that we have ever been through. What he endured on the cross, the abandonment, the exile, the wrath of God that was on Him, losing the love of the Father that he had enjoyed since eternity passed. So the question comes from someone who anonymously sent in through our website asking, is that really true?

Because there’s a whole lot of people who suffer really deep loneliness, even to the point of taking their own lives. And didn’t Jesus have the comfort of knowing that he was God and knowing really that his suffering would only be temporary? And that’s a comfort that people in this world who are really hurting don’t have. They don’t know that their suffering is only going to be temporary. And so how could we really say that Jesus was worse?

And so first I want to say, since we don’t know who sent this in, and we can’t have a back and forth conversation about it, I don’t know if perhaps you’ve known people who have ended their own life because of a deep depression or loneliness. And we certainly wouldn’t want to come across with saying that the depths of Jesus loneliness could be a comfort to us and in some kind of way of like, well, somebody had it worse, so chin up. That’s definitely not what we’re saying at all. All I would want to convey is, however lonely you are or however dark it is right now, jesus can relate to you. He gets it.

He’s been to the depth that you are, even if you’re feeling more low than you ever thought possible. In terms of what Jesus really experienced, it’s the full wrath of God, right? He was crushed for our inequities. He he experienced the curse of our sin, the full wrath of God, which is something that we are never going to experience, that level of abandonment, that level of exile. We would not experience that except in Hell, and no matter how bad Earth is, and it can be really bad, right?

And I wouldn’t want to minimize that at all. But as Christians, we would believe that hell is always worse. And that is what Jesus experienced for us. He took the punishment that we deserve. The punishment that we deserve is Hell.

And so the magnitude of Jesus’isolation, of his abandonment, of his estrangement, of the wrath that was on Him, is really not comparable to anything on this Earth, because the only time that we would ever approach anything like that is what we would experience in Hell. He had know, Jesus had like, positive infinity, connection, acceptance with God the Father and on the cross. What he experienced was like negative infinity, right?

It’s the complete abandonment, isolation, punishment, wrath that we deserve wherever you are, no matter how dark or lonely it is right now, I would just say that, hey, Jesus gets it. And I hope that’s a comfort to you, that whatever your level of darkness is that you’re facing right now and and we want if you’re somebody who’s listening to this and it’s really low and it’s really lonely right now, we want to help be human connection for you. And that’s something that is so desperately needed and that’s why we’re doing this series. And we want people to connect together absolutely. Just 100%.

But until that kind of gets up and running in your life and that human connection can get developed, jesus is with you. He understands, he’s experienced something as low as you are right now, and he can walk with you in it. So thanks for sending in that question. We hope it’s helpful and keep sending them in in the weeks ahead. Thanks again.