What Does It Mean To Lean Into God?

Hey, thanks again for sending in your questions regarding our sermons. The question this week comes from sermon think the week before last, but I used a phrase that said lean into God. And so the question was, what does it mean to lean into God? And again, like so many of these things, there’s probably a lot of answers to that. But I’ll give you three, three potential ways that you could begin leaning into God.

One is just to trust God with whatever is next and act as if he’s really real. If you’re not a Christian, it would be acting as if God’s real. If you are a Christian, it would be acting as if God is real and trusting Him with the next thing. So there might be something in your heart that you’re kind of hedging on whether to do it or not. But you feel like Scriptures told you to do this.

You’ve heard it in sermons, maybe, but you may be scared to do it. It may make you embarrassed. It may raise some financial questions for you or something. If you should do it, just say, act as if God is real and live that principle out. Whatever it is that you’re struggling with, just go ahead and do it.

Just lean in to God. The second thing is, in any relationship, we could talk about leaning into the relationship, right? So in your marriage, with your kids, with your friends, with your boss, if you are leaning into that relationship, it means that you are prioritizing the other person. That means maybe you don’t do some things that you would have liked to have done. You’re dating somebody.

If you’re leaning into that relationship, it means that you’re doing what they want to do, not necessarily what you want to do. You’re spending money on them. You’re spending time with them.

You’re being with them, maybe instead of just going out with your other friends all the time, right? If you’re leaning into this relationship so you can think about that with God is, I’m going to prioritize time with Him. I’m going to prioritize my attention to Him. I’m going to listen to Him when he wants to do something. That’s what we’re going to do.

So that’s leaning into God, same as we would lean into any other relationship. Finally, you can think about if you’re sitting around the table with some friends or if you’re in a board meeting. The times when you lean in when somebody’s talking and the times that you kind of zone out when somebody’s talking. If you’re leaning in, it means that you’re very interested in what they’re saying. You’re taking it all in.

You’re probably going to act on what they say. So if we’re leaning in with God, it means when we’re reading Scripture or we’re coming to church or we’re praying, we’re involved in Bible study, if we’re serving either in our community or we’re serving at church, we’re leaning in it is. I am very attentive to what God is going to be telling me in this moment. I’m not just reading scripture to get that to check off my list. I’m coming to this moment with my full attention.

I’m letting distractions melt away. You have my full attention, God. I’m zeroing in on you in those three ways. You could begin leaning into God or maybe just leaning more into God. So thanks again for sending in the question and we will see you next time.