What is the greatest need at Fall Family Fun?

Hello again. Well, as you hopefully know, one week from today, we’re having the largest event that takes place on our campus throughout the calendar year, fall Family fun. And we still need a good number of volunteers. So our question this week is, what is the greatest need? And I’m going to give you a number of needs, and you can talk with the Lord about where he wants you to plug in.

So we need a lot more candy donations. We need people to host cars, decorate their car in some way, and hand out candy to the kids who come around to all the different cars. We need people at the popcorn cotton candy stations. And we need a good number of people on the parking team directing people where to park before they walk onto our campus. So if any of those spark your heart to say, I could jump in right there, we definitely need you to jump in.

It’s one week from today. It’s fall family fun. It’s a huge way that we show people in our community that they matter to us, and we need your help. So jump in and help. Thanks a lot.