What Is the Holy Spirit’s Role In Building Community?

Hey, thanks again for sending in your questions related to our recent sermons. We’ve just finished our five week series on building community and fellowship with one another. We thanked you for your questions every single week. And we’re glad to have another, other question this week asking about the role of the Holy Spirit in developing community with one another. And so, yes, we want to affirm the role of the Holy Spirit.

We can’t do anything in the Christian life without the Holy Spirit enabling us to do so. John 16 talks about it is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict us of sin and lead us in all truth. And everything that we’ve talked about over the last five weeks have all been commands out of God’s Word to greet one another and welcome one another and encourage one another and admonish one another and hold one another accountable and accept one another. It has all been out of God’s Word, which is part of God’s truth, reveals everything we need to know about living our Christian lives. And so the Holy Spirit’s job is one to convict us where we are in error.

All of us are in some ways falling short of these one another commands that we’ve been talking about. So first, the Holy Spirit convicts us of where we are falling short in our spiritual lives. Holy Spirit works in tandem with God’s word. Right? Isaiah 55 god’s word will not return void.

It will go out and accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. So there’s a proclamation of God’s word. Holy Spirit accompanies. That proclamation of God’s Word convicts us of sin, leads us in all truth, enables us to follow in what God would have us to do. It would be impossible for us to live our Christian lives without the Holy Spirit, and so we beg for Him to come and convict us of sin and lead us in all truth.

So if you haven’t already, please be praying for the Spirit’s presence both in our church and in our lives, to follow everything that God has commanded, enabling us to do so, but especially right now, to convict us and enable us to pursue community and fellowship with one another. Thanks a lot for that question. Thanks a lot for drawing us to emphasize the Holy Spirit. And we will see you next time.