Why does the Bible have poetry?

Hey, thanks again for sending in questions related to our recent sermons. This last week we concluded our summer series in the Psalms. Of course, the Psalms are poetry. The Psalms are hymns. The Psalms, for the most part, were probably sung at least once sometime in history when they were written down, but they have rhythm and meter rhyme in the original language.

And so the question this week is why is there poetry in the Bible? Why isn’t it just law and history? Why would there be poetry in the Bible? And I think one answer is that it does tell us something about the nature and character of God that God is creative, that God is artsy, that God isn’t just left brained. He’s also right brained.

In an area similar to where we live, we probably have a tendency to overskew in the direction of analytical or technical, and we’re less likely to appreciate the abstract, the creative, the poetry side of God. But that is certainly part of him. God is also, of course, very technically minded. The universe runs with remarkable precision down to the atomic level. God’s creation makes the Swiss watchmaker look like some kind of child that has haphazardly thrown something together with, like, glue and rubber cement.

God’s creation is marvelously technical and specific. But God is also creative. And so we should stop, especially those of us who are more analytical, we should stop and appreciate poetry and art and sunsets and the way roses smell. It’s part of the beauty of creation. We shouldn’t just scoff at going to a poetry reading or an art gallery.

Like, why would I just want to look at colors? Who cares? Give me something tangible, give me something real. Give me just the facts. That’s all I need.

Especially if you’re somebody who is more analytical or technical. It might be something that you’re missing in your spirituality with God to stop and really reflect on. God is creative, and if I’m not enjoying that side of Him, then I’m missing something about Him. So I think that’s one reason why poetry is in the Bible, to get us to reflect on God’s artistic nature and enjoy Him for it. So thanks for send and in the questions.

Thanks for following along during our summer series, and we will see you next time.