A Name for Every Need


Steve Durand - Dec 20, 2020

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Names matter. When you say the name of a person, you are speaking of their identity. That’s why expectant parents today usually invest a good deal of time thinking through what to name their children. That was certainly also the case in biblical times, when names were frequently given at the earliest possible moment in an effort by the parents to define the hopes and dreams they had for their child. Their goal was to select a name to reflect what the child was destined to become. In the same way, the various names and titles for Jesus found throughout Scripture are significant, because they enable us to know Him and to understand why He came to the earth. They also help us to understand the numerous ways that He is able to work both in and through our lives. So today, as we reflect upon the message and meaning of Christmas, we will consider four descriptive names of Jesus that were specifically given to communicate how He is precisely the Deliverer and Redeemer that we all need - now more than ever.

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