A Work in Progress


Dave Gudgel - Sep 13, 2015

If you use Google for driving directions, you’ve heard “you’ve arrived at your destination.” And when you hear it you breathe a sigh of relief; thankful you made it to your destination.

Have you ever thought of the Christian life as a journey? We’re heading toward a great future, but we haven’t arrived yet. So as long as we’re in this fallen world, we take it one day at a time, learning and growing, little by little moving toward the future God has planned for us.

Along the way, most of us will experience times when we’re weary of the journey; times when we could use an infusion of joy. The wisdom found in the book of Philippians can give you that. This week we’ll see why, as we begin our journey through Philippians. It will be an encouragement for all of us who are still waiting for the day when we’ll hear God say “you’ve arrived at your destination.”

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