Bloom Where You’re Planted - Jeremiah 29:5-11


Dave Gudgel - Sep 15, 2019

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Life is filled with endings and beginnings; times of celebration and times of anticipation. Today is focused on both, from our Annual Ministry Meeting at 9:00 through our potluck at 12:00 noon. It’s time to give thanks and to party.

Sandwiched between these two special events is what you’re here for now: our Combined Annual Celebration Worship Service. We’re so thankful you’re here to join us in praising God for the abundant blessings He poured out on His Bridges Community Church family this past year, and also as we look to the Scriptures that speak to the matter of beginnings—how to make the most of them and what that looks like in our lives in the places God has us strategically located.

We have much to give thanks for and to look forward to. We praise God for the good things He has done and is yet to do.

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