Connect the Dots!


Marcus Hill - Aug 2, 2015

Do you remember the game connect the dots? Remember how you could never see the full picture without connecting them all. Student Ministry is a lot like that game, but instead of connecting dots, your connecting young souls to God. Think back to when someone helped you connect with God, when you felt disconnected with life. Regardless of our age, there are moments when we all feel disconnected on our journey and need help connecting the dots.

In Psalms 122, we read David’s song of the invitation God extends to the Israelites to come and reconnect. For forty years they wandered in the wilderness feeling disconnected from God, and missed out on a richer relationship with Him. Countless people journeyed with the Israelites from Moses to Aaron. Our students are on their own journey trying to connect the dots. Will you be their Moses and Aaron?

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