Don’t Forget to Remember


Steve Durand - Aug 21, 2022

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Throughout the Bible we see that God is uniquely concerned about His people’s memory. Indeed, because we are so prone in the busyness of our lives to forget God -- to forget His unchanging character, His faithfulness and provision in the past, His work in our lives today, His plans for our future, and our utter need for Him every moment of every day -- Scripture repeatedly calls us to be intentional about stopping to remember.

The Bible’s exhortation for us to remember, however, is calling for something far deeper than mere mental recall. It is dealing with something far more transforming than just counting your blessings. In this week’s message, we’ll specifically discover why we need to remember, what we need to remember, and how we need to remember. New to BCC, click here to let us know how we can help you.

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