Embracing Exile - Jeremiah 29:1-14

Series: EXILED

Steve Durand - Jan 28, 2024

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The Hebrew prophet Jeremiah lived in a fragmented culture that did not have much consensus about what is right and wrong, what society should be like, and what we are all here for. And today, we as Christians also live in a similarly fragmented culture where there are many different competing visions of reality. This often leads to a heightened sense of estrangement, as we live and work as spiritual exiles in a place that does not really feel like home, and that cannot sustain and support the deepest needs of our hearts. How, then, are we as believers to live faithfully for God and come to embrace our exilic identity, in a place that is frequently opposed to, and sometimes even hostile towards, biblical values? Jeremiah 29:1-14 gives us an extremely practical blueprint.

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