God Is Just

Series: GOD IS ...

Steve Durand - Apr 6, 2014

Pastor and author John Ortberg points out that at a baseball game, we hire people whose specific job it is to maintain fair play on the field: the umpires. But when Tim Lincecum throws four strikes right down the heart of home plate and an umpire calls them balls, things get ugly. There is a traditional chant that goes up from the stands. Fans don’t just yell, “Educate the umpire!” or “Send the umpire back for remedial training!” Instead, people say, “Kill the umpire!” We love justice.

That is, we love justice until someone starts to talk about God being just. How could a just and loving God send people to hell? How could a just God allow the suffering we see in the world today? If God is so just, why don’t I see more of it in my life right now? We’ll tackle these issues and more in this week’s message.

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