I’m Not The Same


Dave Gudgel - Nov 1, 2015

When you show up for your twenty-five year high school reunion, unless someone is talking about your agelessness, the comment “you haven’t changed a bit” may not be a good thing. Especially if they’re referring to your dark side. You’d hope things would have changed for the better after twenty-five years.

If ever someone changed, Saul - who Jesus renamed Paul - did. Big time! When we read his letter to the Philippians that was written twenty-five years after he met Christ, we see that he wasn’t the same person he once was.

One of the obvious changes in Paul’s life showed up in his religious practices and beliefs. This week we’ll take a look at those changes in our ongoing study in Philippians. What we’ll see could be an immense help in the pluralistic, religiously diverse culture we live in.

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