In Over Your Head


Steve Durand - Mar 10, 2019

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Committed. Generous. Gifted. Loving. Selfless. Encouraging. A student of God’s Word. Full of faith. Most followers of Christ would love to be described by others in any of these ways. But what if someone were to describe you as desperate? When we think about someone who is desperate, we likely think about someone who is needy. Incapable. Weak. Helpless. Hopeless. Who wants to be thought of like that? We’d rather people see us as self-sufficient and capable, not desperate. Is it possible, though, that you are actually more desperate and helpless than you realize? And what if God is simply waiting for you to fully embrace your desperate condition and stop leaning on your own understanding and self-sufficiency, so that He can finally bring about the breakthrough in your life for which you’ve been waiting and hoping?

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