Increase This: Brotherly Love

Series: LIVE IT!

Dave Gudgel - Nov 6, 2016

Looking to improve your love life? You should be! And not just you. Everyone you know. The fact is all of us came into this world love-challenged and we’re a challenge to love. We need to learn how to be more loving and lovable.

That’s why the matter of love keeps coming up in Paul’s correspondence with the church in Thessalonica. They, like us, hadn’t arrived. They still needed a lot of improvement in their love lives. Not eros love (sexual) but phileo love (brotherly).

This Sunday, in our world that gives a lot of attention to sexual love, we’re going to give some much-needed attention to brotherly love – with a focus on how to love each other more than we do right now. That’s an area where improvement is always needed.

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