It’s 5 O-Clock Somewhere


Dave Gudgel - Aug 11, 2013

Anyone who is interested in justifying their drinking at any time of day need only look to the popular expression, “It\'s 5 o-clock somewhere.” As one beer company puts it, “anytime is the right time” for a beer. Do you buy that?

Some of you are shaking your head and thinking \"That\'s just wrong.\" Others are thinking \"So what\'s wrong with hanging out with some friends, having a good time, and having a few drinks?\" Good question. In fact, Jesus himself was big on hanging out with friends. And not just \"religious\" friends. At one party He even went out of His way to replenish the wine supply when it ran out.

This week we’ll be focusing on what the Bible teaches about drinking. Not what we think it says or what we want it to say. What it actually says. Where do you draw the line when it comes to drinking or not? What we’ll discover could lead to the best party ever. 5 o-clock or not.

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