Jesus Who?

Series: JESUS WHO?

Dave Gudgel - Jul 13, 2014

If someone were to stop you and ask for directions to the grocery store, you could probably point the way. Even if you didn’t use street names, you could most likely get them there. “Keep going up this road until you come to the first signal. Then turn left. Go two blocks. Then turn right and the best grocery store in town will be just up the street on the right side.”

We know where the grocery store is because we’re there so often. We need food and we know where to go to get it.

But can the same be said about your ability to help someone find Christ? To guide them to the source of everlasting life?

If you’re not sure what to say or where to point someone who’s interested in knowing more about Christ, this Sunday’s message - whether you hear it at Bridges or at the beach - will help you.

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