More of Him, Less of Us


Steve Durand - Nov 15, 2020

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No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, no matter how gifted you are, and no matter how much biblical knowledge or theological training you may have attained, there’s one thing you can be sure of: God will frequently confuse you. There will be countless moments in your life that will make no sense, when things won’t turn out the way you expected or hoped, when you will question God’s timing, or when you simply won’t understand what is going on around you. Maybe you’re in the midst of one of those moments right now. (It certainly seems like many in our country are feeling that way, on the heels of a divisive election and as we near the end of a tumultuous year.) When those moments come, our natural tendency would be to focus on ourselves, our pain, and our disappointment. But God calls us as Christ-followers to take a different approach and to adopt a different perspective in those moments, as we’ll learn in this week’s message.

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