Point of View


Dave Gudgel - Jan 12, 2014

Back in the days of black and white TV the sitcom The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis got a lot of laughs out of Maynard Krebs\' comical reactions to the word “work”. Even just a brief mention of the word drew an adverse yelp in response.

We\'re all familiar with TGIF - Thank God it\'s Friday! But I\'ve never heard anyone switch that up to TGIM. We love the weekends, but Monday? Not so much.

This Sunday we begin a new series focused on the thing that consumes most of our time and attention once we become adults. Work. How does that word make you feel? Are you shaking your head and saying \"ugh\"? Or are you excited and ready to shout \"TGIM!\" The difference could be in your point-of-view which we will explore this coming Sunday.

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