Resurrected (just as He said) - Matthew 28:1-6


Dave Gudgel - Apr 21, 2019

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History tells us that Jesus the Nazarene died by crucifixion, but then three days later He did the unthinkable: He came back to life. He resurrected. He beat death. And then He proved it by appearing to a variety of different people over a 40-day period of time.

People were changed in every unexpected encounter with the risen Jesus. Their feelings of despondency, hopelessness, unbelief, and shame were replaced with zeal, hope, belief, and freedom.

Jesus did what no one else had done before or has done since. He conquered death and came back to a new life that will never die again. And in so doing, He made a way for everyone to live now and forever. If that sounds too good to be true, it’s not. We’ll see why today.

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