Rethinking Righteousness, Pt. 2


Steve Durand - Dec 12, 2021

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**This week\'s message will be addressing some sensitive topics (particularly from Matthew 5:27-30). Parents of younger kids and teens should consider these topics before encouraging your child to listen.**

There is a lot more information (and misinformation) available today than ever before. And in this crush of information, the words of Jesus frequently get pushed aside, as he is no longer viewed by the larger culture as one with reliable or relevant or reasonable information and wisdom for our lives.

Jesus calls his followers, however, to not only hear what he has to say, but to base our entire view of the world and to build our very lives upon his words. In this week’s message, we’ll continue our sermon series from Jesus’ most famous sermon and consider what he has to say about sexual desire, marriage, divorce, and personal integrity, and ultimately, why we do what we do. And as we hear Jesus’ words, we will be reminded that he has the absolute-best information on some of the most important and challenging subjects of life.

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