The One Thing We’d Rather Not Be


Dave Gudgel - Mar 8, 2015

Be One, Make One Week 1 Handout

This Sunday we begin a new topical study in the book of Acts focused on making disciples. It\'s a subject that got significant time and attention in Jesus’ life and ministry. And it\'s also something that He called His followers to have as a priority in their lives.

Do you have the disciple-making thing figured out? Are you making disciples? If you get to heaven and God asks you about it, will you be able to say, “YES! I made disciples!”

Unfortunately, most Christians aren\'t doing very well at making disciples. Many just leave that job up to the church. Many aren\'t making disciples because they\'ve never been discipled themselves. We at Bridges hope to see that sad but common reality change. That’s why our “Be One, Make One” series has importance for all, wherever you are in your disciple-making.

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