Too Good Not To Share


Dave Gudgel - Sep 15, 2013

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Think back to the last time something really good happened to you: you lost a few pounds; passed your driver’s test; got an unexpected raise; found out you’re pregnant; ran a mile for the first time since high school; found a service station with gasoline priced under $3.00 a gallon.

How did you react? What did you do? You probably did the same thing a group of four lepers did after they stumbled across some unexpected food, horses, sliver, and gold. Talk about a mood shifter. A life changer. What they did is exactly what we need to do.

That’s why this Sunday, as we celebrate what God has done this past year at Bridges Community Church and look forward to the coming year, four lepers are going to teach us. No, not in person. But through the pages of God’s Word as we ask Him to help us get the coming ministry year off to a great start.

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