What Dads Need Most


Dave Gudgel - Jun 16, 2013

This week we honor fathers. Where would we be without dads? How you answer that question most likely depends on the kind of relationship you have, or had, with your father. For better or worse. Richer or poorer. In sickness and health. And you thought those words only applied to a married couple!

All of us in some way are bound by blood to a father. An imperfect dad who just like you needs help. Most dads would say, “A lot of help.” All far from perfect. Still learning. Still growing. Still trying to get the dad thing figured out. Which is why our focus this Sunday is vitally important when Pastor Dave and a panel of four fathers focus on four biblical and practical ways all of us can help dads be the fathers God wants them to be.

Join us in praying for this Sunday’s Father’s Day focus and its possible impact on all of our lives.

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