…When You’re Isolated


Dave Gudgel - Jul 24, 2016

Bulletin Notes

At times life can make you want to get away from everyone and everything. Just you and your thoughts. You and the Lord. After all, even the Lord modeled the importance of time alone away from the crowds and daily demands of life. That can be a good thing.

But sometimes, when we isolate ourselves from others, it can be the opposite of what we need. There are times when we need others to come along side us. To remind us that we’re not alone as we walk through this world. That we need their care, support, and encouragement.

This week the matter of aloneness comes into focus in our Replenished series as we finish our look into the life and ministry of Elijah. He had something to learn about aloneness that was essential for seeing God’s best in his life. And so do we.

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