Your Point of View


Everyone has a point of view. Or it could be more like points of view, on a variety of subjects: politics, religion, food, shoes, cars, education, electronic devices, social media, even dogs. Our point of view affects what we think and feel and say, and how we live. And it definitely impacts our relationships with others.

Simon Peter was living proof of how a person’s point of view can be a problem. Peter’s point of view was vitally connected to his deeply held religious beliefs. It affected who he associated with and who he avoided – but not in a good way. We’ll see that this week as we look into Acts 10.

Peter was like us – reticent to give up his tightly held viewpoint on what was right and wrong. But he finally did when God gave him a new point of view. His story can be very helpful for us today. Especially when a shift is needed in our point of view.

Dave Gudgel - Feb 15, 2015

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