A Culture of Honor

Series: ONE

Steve Durand - Oct 6, 2013

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If you ever travel, you know that it can be helpful to receive cultural advice beforehand on local etiquette and traditions that you’ll need to be aware of in the places you’re going. You’ll quickly learn that every culture has its own ideas, both about proper ways to show honor and about things you can do that dishonor people.

Many feel we live in a time and in an American culture in which the concept of honor has been lost. The reality is that we all have room for improvement when it comes to living with honor. We have confused it with respect. We think honor is something we can and should withhold from someone based on their performance. Based on how much we like them. But that’s not biblical honor. In the Bible, honor is weight. Honor is value. It’s something freely given. And it’s something that can transform a church, a marriage, a family, and a culture. It’s time for a re-education.

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