Work It Out

Series: ONE

Dave Gudgel - Sep 29, 2013

If God had a wish list, peace would be on the first page. It’s been there since the beginning of mankind. When sin entered the world, relational friction came with it. Marriage turned into a battle ground. One of the first two brothers was murdered at the hands of the other. Prayers for peace became more than a nice thought but something this fallen world desperately needed.

If you are among the billions of people who grew up with a sibling, along the way you probably heard the words “work it out.” Remember? Straight from your parent’s mouth aimed at ending the argument caused by someone other than you, right? Did you work it out and go on to become a pro at working life out with relationally challenged people? For most of us the answer is probably no.

This Sunday’s message is very applicable for all of us because we live in a world where peace continues to be an elusive dream. That makes Jesus\' command to \"be a peacemaker\" of interest to all.

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