Gone Fishin’


Dave Gudgel - Jul 7, 2013

Rarely in the Silicon Valley would you find a Gone Fishin’ sign hung on a shop window. We’re too busy for that sort of thing. But truth be known, most of us are fishin’ prone and would have fit in perfectly with Apostle Peter and his fishing buddies in Jesus’ day.

You may recall Peter was a career fisherman. It was in his blood. And Jesus planned to capitalize on that desire and give it a new twist. The Lord invited his followers to shift their life focus from catching fish that are alive and will die, to catching fish that are dead and can be brought to life.

You’d think after 3.5 years Jesus\' disciples would have been pulled hook line and sinker into that new calling. But not so. Which is why Jesus paid an unexpected visit to his fellow fishermen who had gone back to their former occupation. What Jesus said not only reminded them of their new calling, it can do the same for us as we try to live out our vocation through our occupation.

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