Time For A DTR


Dave Gudgel - Jul 14, 2013

Call it commitment-challenged. If it were a disease, our world would be infected with it. It shows up in numerous ways. Take for instance the decision to attend events. Can you say \"last minute\"? What\'s up with that? You say, \"I like to keep my options open, just in case something better comes along at the last minute.\" I say, \"Commitment-challenged.\"

Or how about this scenario. \"How long have you been dating? Four and a half years?!\" So when are you going to get married?\" Commitment-challenged. Is it no wonder couples routinely have DTR chats?

DTR\'s aren\'t new. Jesus had one with His disciples right before He gave them His final ministry charge. Why? Because they needed to get the commitment thing nailed down. Like we do – if we ever hope to see God do more than we could ask or dream in our commitment-challenged world.

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