Grace Under Fire


- Dec 14, 2014

Stephen, often remembered as the first Christian martyr, was more like an unsung hero who just happened to be discovered because he was martyred. This by no means downplays the significance of his death; but we often don\'t realize the significance of his humble, faithful life leading up to it. Stephen never sought the attention of those that eventually opposed him. He was not an apostle, nor a missionary, nor a church-planter. He was a layman selected to help manage a crisis of poor administration. And yet, some scholars describe him as the leading example of faithful Christian witness in the Bible, second only to Jesus!

On Sunday, we take a look at the only biblical narrative that covers Stephen\'s life. So… what of this quiet hero’s life is worth modeling ours after? How are Christians to learn from and live more like him? This is what we’ll consider together.

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