Growing Pains


David Collister - Dec 7, 2014

A lot has happened in the first five chapters of Acts. By this point, we’ve seen the early church survive some pretty fearsome attacks - two in particular: There was the attack of physical persecution in chapter 4 (then again at the end of chapter 5), when believers were rounded up, thrown in jail, and beaten to the point of death. Then, in chapter 5, there was the attack of moral corruption when we saw how a little fudging of the truth had disastrous results. In short, both attacks could’ve ended the early Christian movement in its tracks.

This week we see perhaps the most cunning attack of all. It’s an attack that’s much more subtle than the other two, and arguably most stunting to spiritual growth in the church today. What is it? What can we do about it? Come consider it with us on Sunday!

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