“I’d love to, but . . ." - Luke 9:23, 57-62


Steve Durand - Mar 22, 2020

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The Bible is clear from beginning to end. God wants Christ-followers to consistently and sacrificially love, serve, welcome, and demonstrate compassion – not only to fellow believers, but particularly to strangers and outsiders – through generous acts of warm hospitality in Jesus’ name. However, the journey to becoming a more hospitable and loving person is not as simple as one might hope.

The greatest barrier to biblical hospitality? Quite frankly, it’s ourselves. We frequently seem to have a litany of excuses at the ready as to why we intentionally avoid or ignore altogether the opportunities we have each day to step out in faith and to live out our God-ordained calling to welcome the strangers around us.

What about you? What’s holding you back?

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