Living Against the Grain - 1 Timothy 6:11-16


Steve Durand - Jan 27, 2019

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The Bible tells us that those who seek to follow Christ are to live and walk by faith. That doesn’t mean the Christian life is easy or effortless. On the contrary, it often takes significant effort, determination, and commitment to stay strong and obey God in a world frequently indifferent or even hostile towards Christianity. That’s why, in the face of temptation, persecution, or difficult choices, it’s always much easier to just give up or give in and conform to the standards and values of the world.

Timothy, the young protégé of the apostle Paul, faced similar challenges in his day. Feeling alone in the midst of a challenging culture and a frustrating ministry setting, Timothy needed some encouragement to keep going and “fight the good fight of faith” (1 Tim. 6:12). Maybe you could use that same encouragement in your own life.

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