Religion at Its Best - 1 Timothy 5:3-16


Dave Gudgel - Dec 9, 2018

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Religion continues to have a bad reputation in the world today. That’s not hard to understand, especially when professed faith often plays out as a form of religion rather than a changed life. It makes sense that people would question the legitimacy of professed faith when it’s simply a list of do’s and don’ts, or something you do on Sunday mornings.

Even Jesus wasn’t always big on religion. In fact, some of His strongest words and actions were directed at religiosity, and how it stood in the way of God’s true work in the lives of people He loved and longed to see live lives of love toward God and others.

Today in our continuing series in 1 Timothy, we come to the topic of religion. And it’s a good thing to consider. Especially in light of the bad reputation religion has in our world. The passage we’ll be studying will help us see what can be done about that problem.

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